Bulkhead Repair

When seawall repair is required, it is something that must be addressed immediately. Procrastination can lead to major erosion of property as the issue will continuously worsen. If that happens, your vulnerability to storms and high tides will increase. Eventually, total collapse may take place with catastrophic results. We are experts in seawall repairs and will inspect your entire waterfront for any other areas requiring remediation. We can make recommendations as to the best course of action.

Different types of materials fail for different reasons and the chances of an additional are high. Typical examples include:

 Wood. This type of construction is subject to decay, borers, which are tunneling creatures that feast on submerged timber, and just plain wearing away from the constant motion of water and sand. When these walls begin to collapse, complete replacement with a superior material like co-extruded vinyl is usually the best solution. Repairs to wood must be repeated and will become a frustration – like shoveling sand against the tide.

Concrete. Concrete contains iron rebar that begins to rust and eventually loses its reinforcement capability. Concrete will begin to crack and give way from the pressure of the land. Patching concrete below the water is only a temporary fix. Entire sections must be replaced. Other sections will soon follow. Replacement with a superior and more attractive material, like vinyl, is the best option in most cases.

Steel. Once steel begins to rust and becomes unsightly and weak there is no reversing the process.

Aluminum. Like steel, the corrosion to aluminum is irreversible. Contrary to popular belief, aluminum breaks down with repeated exposure to salt water due to a chemical reaction caused by minerals in the water.

 Vinyl Sheet 


Everlast Synthetic Products is a leading manufacturer of vinyl sheet piling. We use Everlast products for bulkhead construction, retaining walls, and lake walls. Constructing a seawall or a bulkhead with Everlast piling ensures decades of maintenance free waterfront living.